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As the city of Canton grew, the Ridgewood Allotments were developed by the Leonard Agency.   A subsidiary, 'The Canton Home Site Company', was established to manage Ridgewood #1 and #2 while Ridgewood #3 was a joint venture of Belle R. Norwood and George A. Leonard.  An ad from the 1920's microfilmed by the Canton Repository shows the development of Ridgewood #3!

The Ridgewood Allotments were the Leonard Agency's first major real estate development.   Mrs. Leonard, the former Louise Brothers of Canton, was quite taken with a new allotment she visited in Springfield, Ohio, called "Ridgewood" and it was on her suggestion that the name was adopted.  Her brother, Arthur M. Brothers, and brother-in-law, John Sherwood "Fritz" Kelly, builder and architect respectively, were responsible for many of the houses built in Ridgewood in the 1920's.  Mr. and Mrs. Leonard resided at 153 19th Street, N.W.

Only one structure pre-dating the allotment is still standing. It is a frame farmhouse (1890) at 140 19th Street, N.W. At one time it was the home of John Lehman, a prominent Canton educator for whom Lehman Jr. High School / High School was named. Lehman also authored "History of Stark County."  Here it the house, updated for the 21st century!


Electricity, street lights and sewers seem to have been in place before the houses were constructed and construction of the brick streets apparently began in the summer of 1923.   25th Street was constructed by the City of Canton in 1924, but all other streets were paved by private contractors and there are no city records.